Sama Al Mayar Company

( SAMC )

For Trading Medical Devices -Supplies- Services, and Commercial Agencies Ltd.

Based in Baghdad / Iraq

Who we are?

SAMA AL MAYAR COMPANY was established in 2021-2022 in Iraq.

The company is specializing in trading of medical devices-supplies and providing versatile medical services as well as commercial agencies.

The company holds excellence and promising qualifications in the medical environment. Also has different partners and business supporters in the medical field and Based on specialized staff that work in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Sama Almayar company is considered wholesome for most medical works that is distinguishing it from other competitors.


Sama Almayar

Our Vision

We meet the ambition by excellence and the singularity in our work

Our Mission

Under globalization and rapid change we look carefully at significant and intangible gaps in the medical fields. We provide outstanding and unique assistance to medical professionals from ongoing products and services to reach a healthy society. Our company is concerned with synergy and open innovation. And our work is based on continuous research and development and on a specialized staff within scientific and practical context.

Our Company Structure

Board of Directors

Our Services


Trading of medical devices, supplies, and commercial agencies

Sama Al-Mayar has extensive commercial relations with various manufacturers worldwide in the health field. Furthermore, the company has a group of exclusive and effective commercial agencies within the Iraqi market.

Modern training and development services in the health field

Sama Al-Mayar provides training and development services for administrative staff, supervisors, and medical representatives to raise their scientific level and improve the services provided.

Creation of medical content, advertising, and promotional materials

Sama Al-Mayar provides medical content creation services for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical bureaus in addition to beauty centers in terms of showing the points of strength that characterize the product of interest compared to the competitors in the Iraqi market based on updated peer-reviewed studies. Additionally, designing and implementing all kinds of publications by dealing with the best printing houses to facilitate the printing process with high quality and affordable price.

Regulatory services

Sama Al-Mayar provides registration services for medical companies, pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and devices, and follow-up on the registration processes.

Bids and tenders services

Sama Al-Mayar provides services for submission and follow-up of bids and tenders in the Ministry of Health.

Medical marketing and advertising services on social media

It includes designing posts, writing content, managing accounts, advertising campaigns, promotion, and providing marketing consulting for medical and cosmetic clinics and centers.

Holding conferences and medical seminars services

Sama Al-Mayar provides scientific and promotional content creation services, hotel reservations, printing, and hospitality. Furthermore, providing cadres to organize the conference in all events management details.

Market study services

The company provides market study services for all medical products and services in terms of competitors, sales volume, and accurate statistics to help specialists and decision-makers to make the appropriate decision.

Professional Qualifications and Accreditation services in the medical field

Sama Al-Mayar provides well-known and prestigious international companies in the field of international accreditation for hospitals, health centers, health care programs, and other health facilities to improve the quality of health services provided to patients.

Medical staff recruitment services

Sama Al-Mayar provides this service to the public sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to fill the shortage in some important specialties, as well as to the private sector to provide the health system with the best international expertise in surgical specialties, rare specialties, nursing and rehabilitative specialties to serve the patients in Iraq.

Providing medication agencies and medical supplies

Sama Al-Mayar leverages its accumulated experience and pervasive relationships to provide the best medical agencies, whether they are pharmaceutical agencies, supplies, supplements, medical devices, or cosmetics from the best international origins, and then present them to the Iraqi market, according to the customer’s request.

Electronic governance and information technology (IT) services

Sama Al-Mayar provides electronic connectivity, database, and governance services to all health institutions, including hospitals, health centers, and private medical clinics, in cooperation with the best international companies with experience in such a field.

Management of hospitals and health institutions

Sama Al-Mayar provides unique services to the public and private sectors in cooperation with international companies and provides expertise in the areas of comprehensive management, coordination between elements, governance, maintenance management, and support services. This is accompanied with catering and food service to provide a high-level health service that meets the needs of patients and working health personnel.

Service of establishing medical factories, hospitals, and medical centers

Sama Al-Mayar provides the service of establishing pharmaceutical and medical supplies factories according to the latest international standards and within the conditions of good manufacturing. This is done with the help of engineering and contracting companies affiliated with the Al-Mayar Group, as well as the establishment of hospitals and medical centers following best practices in the field with global health reliability.

Logistics services

Sama Al-Mayar offers a wide range of logistics services, such as transporting medical materials to all parts of Iraq and providing specialized warehouses which have ideal storage conditions for storing medical and pharmaceutical products.

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